Completed as part of the 2016 New York City 48 Hour Film Project. Conceived, shot, edited in less than 48 hours & including the following:

Genre: Coming of Age
Character: Samuel or Sarah Dunglestreet, Debt Collector
Prop: Headphones/earbuds
Line: “I’ve never seen that before.”

WINNER: Best Director – Alexander Christenson
WINNER: Honorable Mention, Best Actor – Robert Ross
WINNER: Best Use of Required Line

Starring: Emily Nicole Hansen, Robert Ross

Directed by: Alexander Christenson
Written by: Kate Leonard, Aaron Kheifets
Cinematography by: Sam Dunglestreet
Edited by: Emily Chao

Team 1A: Alex Christenson, Aaron Kheifets, Emily Nicole Hansen, Robert Ross, Kate Leonard, Sam Griffel, Zekee Silos, John St. Denis, Will Pinke, Emily Chao